The newest Raspberry Pi version is available on the github. Executable file included so no compilation is required to run the player.

Version 0.06 for the Raspberry Pi. Press f to toggle fullscreen mode :) Use -f when run from the console to start in fullscreen, else it will run in SDL-resized 960x600 window. There is real fullscreen under X; both modes are VBL synchronized.

New versions of the player are available. Now it can change folders and plays also .sid files in PSID subformat. Num+ i Num- - select subsongs if they exist in PSID file.

The Win64 version should work on all modern computers with 64-bit Windows operating system. The best results will be obtained if the sound sampling rate is set @ 192 kHz in the Windows control panel.

The Raspberry Pi version was developed and debugged on the Raspberry Pi 3. It should also work on the Raspberry Pi 2, but I didn't test the program on this platform. It will not work on the Raspberry Pi 0 and 1.

SDL 1.2 needed for Raspberry; for Windows the SDL2.0 DLL is included in the .zip file.

Before I write some more about this little program - here you can download 0.02 alpha  version of the nostalgic SID player. This is alpha, it has bugs and it is not optimized in any way, so it requires 64-bit operating system, >3 GHz CPU CLOCK and a real graphic card (nvidia/ati).  I didn't test this on integrated Intel graphics.

The weight of the zip file is 33 MB; it contains .dmp files with the music

It works @ 96 kHz/16 bit so if you don't want distorted sound, set Windows' sound system at these parameters.

Instructions: unpack, run .exe file. Up-down arrow - select a file to play, enter-play, f toggles fullscreen, p-pause, i - raster interrupts effect, 1-100 Hz, 2-200 Hz, 5 - 50 Hz, 3-150 Hz, f1,f2,f3 toggle canal 1,2,3 of SID. Directory selection doesn't work yet. Esc - exit to DOS Windows.


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